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There are a number of reasons you may want a loan. Perhaps you are buying a home and need a mortgage. Or perhaps you need a home equity loan?  Whether you need a personal loan to help pay for schooling or an auto loan to finance your new car, CFFCU has professional to help guide you through the process. Give us a call with your questions, or get started on your loan application today.

Online Loan Application

Mortgage Loan Application

At Carolina Foothills we want to offer you the best option for mortgages and with the best people to bring you that information.  We have many Mortgage Loan Officers!  Take a look at who you can talk to about a mortgage!


Mortgage Loan Officer What branch are they located? NMLS #
Susannah Miller Church Street--Spartanburg 486621
Regina Desrochers Church Street--Spartanburg 1236621
Catherine Davis Commonwealth Dr.--Greenville 1012025
Donna Edens Commonwealth Dr.--Greenville 675968
Teleta Stevenson Commonwealth Dr.--Greenville 792965
Sharon Martin Commonwealth Dr.--Greenville 1043954
Preston Bruce Commonwealth Dr.--Greenville 979265
Heather Alexander Commonweatlh Dr.--Greenville 1244983
Maria Crowley East North Street--Greenville 792968
Angela Haynes East North Street--Greenville 1041557
Zachary Broyles East North Street--Greenville 1076392
Angela Tate Hyatt Street--Gaffney 675969
Erin McCall John B White--Spartanburg 809955
Brandi Proudfoot John B White--Spartanburg 1236632

Carolina Foothills FCU also has a MLS # 516626.

Click Here to apply for your Mortgage.

Current Loan Rates

Auto Loans

CFFCU Car Loans
You will save time and money with CFFCU as the first stop for your next car loan. Rates and terms are the same for both new and used cars.

Automobile Warranty Service
Compare the cost and benefits of your credit union warranty with those available at the dealer. Standard "Bumper-to-bumper" and "0" deductible options are also available.

GAP covers the deficiency balance on a loan when the security is declared a total loss. GAP coverage is offered to all members when financing an auto at the credit union at a cost of $299.00, you can feel comfort in knowing your auto loan will be paid off in the event of a "total loss."
Click here for more.

As an added benefit, members making a valid claim also receive a $1,000 check towards the purchase of a new auto financed at the credit union.

Car Values

VISA Credit Cards

Carolina Foothills is proud to offer Visa platinum card that puts purchasing power in your pocket! By carrying our Visa card, you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Up to 1% cash back from your annual purchases. You can easily track your point toward your cash back with the monthly totals on your statement. And since the cash back is applied directly to your card balance, you’ll never have to worry about completing paperwork to redeem your points. And there are no blackout dates and no hassle.
  • Up to 25 day grace periods mean that you can have time to get your payments to us without hassling to beat penalties.
  • Cash advance rates at are, in most cases, up to 1% less than your rate for purchases. Now that’s building your relationship!
  • Protection from purchases. That’s right! If we notice a purchase that is inconsistent with your purchasing pattern, we’ll call to verify that you are aware of the transaction being made to your card.

  • The ease of using a credit card from your credit union, where you know who you’ll be talking to and who will help you get issues resolved.

For more information on our credit cards, contact us

Overdraft Protection

Credit Insurance - Protect your family

Insurance is available on all CFFCU loans.  Click here for more information on Credit Life, Joint Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance. 


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