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Members Matter Most to CFFCU!

With seven billion people living in the world, each passing moment provides an opportunity to help one another. By losing ourselves in a cause we believe in and are prepared to fight for, we can find both happiness and genuine success.

This year on October 18, 2012, credit unions in 100 countries will celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day by banding together and appreciating their members.

As a credit union member, you belong to a global movement in which people help people. Worldwide, 188 million members experience the benefits of belonging to a financial cooperative that believes in and is willing to fight for this year’s message: “Members Matter Most.”
Credit unions exist to serve you, the member, not to increase the bottom line. A focus on superb customer service and member satisfaction sets credit unions apart from other financial institutions. As not-for-profit cooperative institutions, credit unions return their earnings to members in the form of higher interest on deposits, lower loan rates, and fewer fees.
Irrespective of the amount you have on deposit with us, you are a member and an owner, with equal ownership and one vote. Members are never just numbers; your ownership empowers you and provides a voice.

In addition to member control, credit unions offer education and training programs. Fifty-four percent of Americans ages 18 to 34 check their social media accounts daily, while less than one third do a daily check on their financial statements. Credit unions actively focus on creating fiscally responsible members through their wide variety of education programs, which positively impact savings and spending habits for a lifetime.

Member control, education and training programs, and concern for the community are key cooperative values that differentiate credit unions from other financial institutions. Our people-first philosophy illustrates an underlying credit union message that will be celebrated this fall. ICU Day’s theme, “Members Matter Most,” conveys a simple message that strikes home in its ability to communicate our top priority.

At Carolina Foothills, “Members Matter Most”!  We will be telling our members how much they mean on Member Appreciation Day Thursday, October 18th!  Come and let us show how much we appreciate you, our member!

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