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Changes to Bill Pay coming!

New and Faster bill pay processing!!

Many of you have told us that you would like a faster and better process for the Bill Pay System.  We are listening and have some exciting news.  As of April 1st, Carolina Foothills will make a change that will speed up the way our bill pay system processes your request.
  • The most noticeable change is with payments that are sent via a physical check.  The money will not come out of your account until the payee processes that payment.  This is different from the current way of processing where the money is taken out of your account and a check is produced and then sent to the receiver. This new way is as if you wrote the check yourself and mailed it. Be sure to subtract the payment amount from your checking balance.  

  • The second noticeable change will be in the scheduling of payments for same day processing. If you set up a payment to be processed today and you do it before 3 pm, it will be processed today.  The check will be created and go out in the mail the next business day.

  •  The third change which will not be as noticeable but beneficial. It deals with ACH or electronic payments processing.  Just like mentioned above your electronic payment can be set up for same day processing if it is scheduled before 3 pm. So possibly, the receiver of the payment could receive that payment the same day or a day earlier than in the past. 

All of these changes are to better serve our members and to make their lives easier.  If you have any questions, please call your local branch and they will be glad to answer those for you.  Finally, thank you for being a member of Carolina Foothills!


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