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Youth Week---April 22nd thru 26th!!!

What kid wouldn’t want to throw on a trench coat, dust off an old magnifying glass and slap on a play mustache to become a detective for a day? Children everywhere are intrigued by the thrill of mysteries and the detectives that solve them. Little do these kids know they also have the ability to tap into detective mode by investigating ways to save and becoming a credit union savings sleuth during the month of April at the credit union.  Introducing children to their inner savings sleuth will help lead them down the path of saving. Visit Carolina Foothills during the week of April 21-27 and help us celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week™. This year’s theme, “Savings Sleuth, Solve the Mystery,™” shows youth and teens how Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union can help them use their own instincts and credit union resources to meet financial goals.

Whatever young sleuths are saving for, we at Carolina Foothills can give them the clues they need to investigate ways to save. Through a series of activities, the young savings sleuths in your life will uncover the mystery of saving.  Bring your young savings sleuths into Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union and choose from the many “gadgets” we offer to unravel the mystery of saving. And as always, thanks for being a member of Carolina Foothills!

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