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Credit Unions Unite for Good!

On October 17, 2013, credit unions in 100 countries will celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day® by joining together and celebrating their cooperative spirit.  Unlike many banks, we at Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union are not in business to make a profit.  Credit unions all over the world are a united front focused on you, the members, with an unwavering belief in the “people helping people” philosophy upon which we were built.  In the U.S., we’re known as credit unions, but across the world, we go by many names…co-operative societies, cooperativas, and caisses populaires to name a few.

This year, the cooperative spirit is coming to the Falkland Islands. Currently, one bank branch operates there, but the 2,300 workers find access to credit limited. Through the World Council of Credit Unions, staff from a U.S. credit union are assisting in the development of a credit union that can help the businesses that were refused bank financing.  Sometimes, starting a credit union isn’t enough. In Kenya, more than a million children have lost parents to AIDS. Many U.S. credit unions are supporting an orphanage in the town of Busia. The program provides food and security to these orphans, as well as financial access to the surrounding community. Off the southern coast of India, women rice farmers in Sri Lanka are recovering from devastating floods in 2011 and growing their businesses with the help of both farming and financial training through a joint agribusiness and credit union program. Profits are up and so are savings thanks to a new infrastructure to safeguard deposits. Now, small branches collect savings through children’s clubs and school programs. In one district, volunteer members hike daily to the local market to collect deposits.  Here too, in the U.S., credit unions are looking after their members.  One small credit union, made up only of descendants of Manley and Lucy Williams, is helping members buy new cars, raise families, and pay for college. Credit unions often think of their members as family, and in this case they literally are. 

Whether on a small or large scale, doing good is something credit unions take seriously. Some large credit unions are able to pull together funding from millions of members to improve housing, healthcare, and education in local communities and the world. Be it in the form of scholarships or  interest-free loans, it’s still people helping people.  The credit union movement is a united force based on camaraderie, cooperation and collaboration. That’s why, at a credit union, you are never a number — you are a member, and we are here to serve you. 

To continue with the unite for good theme, Carolina Foothills will be having Member Appreciation days at our branch locations. Members will enjoy free food, fun and games! Also at some of our Member Appreciation days we will have a time for you to shred those documents that you need to get rid of but don’t want to just throw away. Stay tuned for more information here and on our Facebook!


Locations and time for next week:

Gaffney Branch------Tuesday from 9-11 am-------handing out breakfast, water bottles and  the Tie Dye Balloon Guy!

Church Street Branch------Tuesday from 2-4 pm-------handing out refreshments, water bottles and the Tie Dye Balloon Guy!

John B White Branch-------Wednesday from 2-4 pm--------handing out refreshments, water bottles and the Tie Dye Balloon Guy!

East North Street Branch ------Thursday from 2-4 pm-------handing out refreshments, water bottles and the Tie Dye Balloon Guy!

Commonwealth Branch--------Friday from 2-4 pm--------handing out refreshments, water bottles and the Tie Dye Balloon Guy!

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